North Shore Cares is a non-profit organization uniting the community to take responsibility and work together to alleviate the obstacles surrounding homelessness. Our aim is to feed the hungry, clothe the cold, and house the homeless. By proactively reaching out to members of our community and agencies working to help others, we provide a personal approach to solving problems that our fellow humans in need face daily. We collect an assortment of donations including clothing, toiletries, necessities, food, toys, books, etc. and distribute them directly to local homeless individuals, individuals struggling not to become homeless, and shelters also working directly with homeless individuals.

Not only do we provide items to those in need, but we interact directly with those individuals. This is an important consideration, as there is often an unnecessary stigma associated with homelessness. By connecting personally with those in need, we are creating an ethical community while breaking down stereotypes.

Our organization and volunteers create a sense of oneness. We promote equality by coming together as a group of socially aware individuals who understand change starts with us. Home is where the heart is, and if each of us care enough we can touch lives and make a difference for humankind regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, gender, or sexuality.