In the winter of 2014, while walking by a Boston MBTA, our founder Frank Lehman noticed a young teenage woman. She was visibly cold. He did what the majority of people would, he walked right by her. About two blocks later, a deep realization struck him— that he was part of the problem. The blatant disregard for another human being in pain. He stopped and stood there on the cold busy Boston street. He had more coats at home–several, in fact, several coats that he hadn’t even worn in years. He realized his two block walk to the train station where he would be cold, would be nothing in comparison to the cold that would shake that young girl all day, never mind the days that followed.  So, he turned around and walked back to where this young woman was sitting, and handed her his coat. She stood up, teary eyed, and gave him a long hug. She was grateful, and she was happy. He brought her into a Dunkin Donuts, bought her a coffee, and listened to her story.

That day, on the train back home, he started thinking, “I can’t be the only one with extra coats and clothes laying around. I can’t be the only person who wants to help someone and feel that connection but isn’t sure how to make it happen.”  That day and singular moment inspired Frank to start a clothing drive specifically for homeless individuals in need of help.

In the end, here we are: multiple annual winter clothing drives later. Though we are starting on the North Shore, we hope one day to expand this concept on a much larger scale. For now, we have become a licensed non-profit, and help those locally. It’s an excellent way to contribute and experience what community is all about. Rather than writing a check or merely dropping clothing in a box, we want to get the community active in getting to know each other–regardless of status or how we appear.  Our organization stems from local roots made up of people with a global dream.  We know we are not alone, please join us on a community journey to help others. EVERY bit helps.